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Update Dashboard Welcome Email

From: Lanette Capellas <

Date: Thursday, May 24, 2012 6:15 PM

To: Gretchen Jones de Bardales <>

Subject: The Dashboard Welcome Email


I think this needs to be updated. It refers to some things that I believe

are outdated. Can you take a look or forward this along? Or should I report

it to


Lanette Capellas, PHRP: 800.242.6099 x 329 | F: 866.513.7171 | <>

777 Campus Commons Road, Suite 200

Sacramento, CA 95825

<> <!/emtrainlms>




Engineering Team:

can we add hyperlinks to the Dashboard Welcome email message?

we need to make general updates, how is the best way to give you this info (word docs with edits? excel gig list? something else?)


Word docs with edits would be fine.


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